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Official DIY Design the “Reveal” By Nike

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Nike is known for going outside the box and having a lot of creative ideas and that’s something we all can agree on. But what if Nike allowed us to design our own sneaker? Nike is doing just that with the new announcement of the Nike AF1 “reveals. This sneaker may look like your average everyday Air force One but behind the white leather is a surprise. Beneath each of the areas of white a hidden color can be found.

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The Process

Seen above you can see a scissor symbol embedded in the design of the shoe. This symbol is where you can customize the sneaker totally to your liking. If you do not like the white swoosh simply use your fingernail to scrape off the white and boom you have red! This is an incredibly unique concept from Nike and is genius considering many AF1 wearers love to customize their kicks. There’s no doubt this sneaker has a lot of mystery behind it. Additionally, Nike also incorporates that mystery into the sole which has question marks throughout. Sporting that sleek basic design that we know and love within the air force one silhouette. The classic white laces, Nike air technology in the midsole, Af1 lace lock, Swoosh on the side, and Nike air on the rear heel are all here.

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