Adidas Superstar Jelly

Adidas Superstar Jellys Are Bringing The Color

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Shock Purple and Haze Coral. 

Get used to those names. They are the two planned colors being rolled out by Adidas for the summer. Adidas is launching its jelly shelltoe versions of their Superstar brand on June 1. This look adds a new twist to the traditional Adidas style.

Adidas fans want the look that the brand has cultivated over the decades. This includes three stripes (usually black on white), sleek design, and few frills. The Superstar line is an upgrade to the basic package. It is known for including gold branding on the tongue as well as a gold SUPERSTAR logo near the shoe’s stripes. All of that will stay, so there is no need to fear.

The change in the new style revolves around the shelltoe. Yes, the classic Adidas shell design will remain on the front of the shoe. However it is now a comfortable jelly-like texture that extends down to the sole. Not only will this offer a color pop on the traditional black-and-white brand, but the jelly texture makes the shoe even more form-fitting to your foot.

Adidas Superstar Purple side

Adidas Superstar Coral front

Get Ready for the Summer of Good Looks

Coming just on the heels (excuse the pun) of the new Bold Aqua Superstar Shelltoe, the Jelly Shelltoe varieties come just in time for many of the world to experience post-quarantine adventures. After the scare that was the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s time to get out and about, see friends you haven’t met with in months, and have some fun.

Snatch up the new Shock Purple or Hazel Coral Superstar Jelly Shelltoes to look sharp throughout the summer. Rolling out on June 1, the shoes are set to cost a cool $90. Grab your pair, and feel comfortable and stylish this summer.

More Upcoming Looks

The Jelly Shelltoe Superstar is not the only new addition to the famed Adidas lineup. Set for mid-summer, amidst the heat of July, the brand has teased the release of a collab with actor Jonah Hill. A long-time fan of the Adidas line of shoes, Hill’s design for a new Superstar features his initials on the back of the shoe in brilliant green.  They also display a graffiti-esque hand-scrawled “Superstar” on the side.

This new celebrity-inspired look is old-school, with baseball-like stitching along the shoe’s back panel and an all-white color palette upfront. Those three stripes are still there, but this time it’s white-on-white.

Adidas Superstar Coral back  Adidas Superstar Purple sole  Adidas Superstar Purple Feet Adidas Superstar Coral inside

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