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Release Date: September 24, 2020

Vans Quasi x Crockett High Pro

Vans Quasi x Crockett High Pro is one of the most in-demand Vans collaborations of all time. With both brands' significant reputation in the industry, this collaboration is destroying the competition. This is because of Crockett's keen eye for details Read More

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Release Date: Agust 14, 2020

Stray Rats x Vans Vault Old Skool and Era

Stray Rats, the Streetwear label who released a New Balance 827 this summer with sound footing, has prepared a groundbreaking new collaboration for a sudden Fall release. This time, in collaboration with Vans Vault, the creators of Old Skool No Read More

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Despite the global lockdown and the preventive quarantine measures that the whole world has adapted to, Vans is still rolling up in stores with new kicks and apparel that the world has yet to see in its vast roster of Read More

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Release Date: September 24, 2019

Kickin it old Skool with “Tye Dye washed Vans”

The tie-dye design is a beloved and classic aesthetic that began when the hippie movement took on a vibrant and colorful look. In the United States, tie-dye was most certainly a powerful countercultural statement that many tried to make through Read More

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Release Date: 1977

Vans Classic Slip On

Vans Classic Style Vans come in many colors and styles and they have done a great job with variety. Many may agree the original shoe that started increasing popularity around the Vans brand was the classic slip-on style. Whether it Read More

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Release Date: January 20, 2020

Feel the Energy of Vans Aura Collection

Feel the Energy of Vans Aura Collection California-based Vans has always defined skateboarding culture. However, it has gone beyond the sport and has become one of America’s most cherished shoe brands. Now present on a global scale, the world’s # Read More

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A Brief Adidas History: How Adidas Earned Its Stripes

An iconic and well-known performance brand, Adidas has always been a major player in the sneaker world. 

The performance powerhouse was founded by Adolf “Adi” Dassler in Herzogenaurach, Germany way back in 1949. And ever since, its reach and popularity have grown exponentially. 

While Adidas was always known as a reliable brand, it wasn’t always seen as iconic and exceptional. And they were trying, sponsoring celebrities and rolling out a companion apparel catalog. But all of that changed in 1969 when the brand released its “Superstar’ shoes. 

These shoes exist today — and they’re hard to miss. This low-top basketball sneaker is fashioned with the iconic three red stripes along the side which pops from the clean, white surface. Now, you can find these shoes in an array of colors.

Another major success for the company came when it collaborated with Kanye West. “Yeezy’s” have become infamous, and they’ve helped skyrocket Adidas to true success. 

At the end of the day, Adolf  Dassler fulfilled his dream. He put everything he had into this company, and we all still wait anxiously to see Adidas’ latest new releases.

Here’s to many, many more years.

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With general wear and tear, Vans should last about 6 to 10 months. For average skateboarding, they may last only a few months.  

No, Vans is an independent company. 

There are a few ways to tell if Vans are fake. In short, make sure the pricing and packaging match the standard Van pricing and packaging. On the shoe itself, there should be three trademarks: on the heel, the side, and on the insole. You’ll also want to make sure the bottom patterns are the correct pattern. Read more for how to tell if Vans are fake HERE

While there are many fan favorites, some of the top-selling and classic Vans are the ‘Vans Authentic’ in white, the ‘Unisex Old School Skate Shoes, and the Slip-On Core Vans Shoes.

Vans are affordable and sturdy for their Generally they last about 1-2 years, but can last much longer with good care.

Thanks to the resurgence of athleisure and retro styles, Vans have been popular and well-liked within the skateboarding industry and beyond.

No, Vans are not bad for your feet. If you need extra support, you can easily slide an insole into any Vans shoe.  

If you need help breaking your Vans in, try wearing them less often at the beginning and when you do wear them, try wearing them with socks first to loosen them. 

 Vans can be worn either with or without visible socks. If you don’t want to include the appearance of socks in your look, you can either stick to ankle socks or choose invisible socks for low-top shoes- both styles of socks that Vans produces for their shoes.