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Release Date: August 8, 2020

New Balance Goes Sustainable with 327 Undyed

Since its launch back in April, sneakerheads and the industry, in general, praised the New Balance 327 not just for its 1970s-inspired vibe but even more so for its usage of quality materials and eye-catching color schemes. Its latest version Read More

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Release Date: July 31, 2020

New Balance 997S in Grey Oak and Team Gold

Since its collaboration with bi-coastal boutique Bodega in 2019, the New Balance 997S has generated a lot of buzz amongst sneakerheads of all ages. Proof of its popularity is that even its general release colorways are still sought after all Read More

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Release Date: TBD 2020-2021

New Balance XRCT “Black Gum”

When it comes to running footwear, New Balance running shoes are considered to be at the very top. The New Balance XRCT is no exception as it looks to mend together everyday functionality with unquestioned style and flair. Inspired by Read More

Release Date: July 24, 2020

The New Balance Vision Racer

Did you know that after the oil industry, the fashion industry is the second highest polluter of our environment? Whether you talk of water pollution, excessive water consumption, waste accumulation, chemical pollution, greenhouse gasses, soil degradation or deforestation – the Read More

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New Balance’s classic-inspired 327 silhouettes have already shown up in many different colorways that include Pride Month versions to the trendy collaborative pairs with Casablanca. Now, the New Balance 327 is going to come out in three new colorways. One Read More

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In case you have not heard, the New Balance 327 in Wax Blue and Real Indigo colorway is going to be available on June 6, and we can't wait to try them on. But what is the hype all about? Read More

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Release Date: February 2, 2020

New Balance Returns With The 997H

Sneaker Background If you grew up in the early '90s, you have probably heard of a brand called New Balance. This shoe brand was trendy in the 90's as the air max is of today's generation. With several models released Read More

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A Brief History Of New Balance

New Balance has been a staple in the sneaker industry for decades. It’s a quality, durable shoe brand that’s reliable, comfortable and fun. But where did it all begin?
New Balance is one of the oldest performance brands that’s still around to this day. It was founded in 1906 by William J. Riley under the name, New Balance Arch Support Company.

Riley developed the brand with a flexible and comfortable arch support in mind. He got his brilliant arch support design from chickens he watched wandering in his yard. His design featured three flexible support points that provided maximum comfort and performance.
The brand focused solely on creating arch supports, and it wasn’t until Riley’s partner, Arthur Hall, got involved and left the company to his kids that New Balance started the production of its first-ever sneaker. This was in 1960.

The first New Balance sneaker was called the Trackster, and it was the first running shoe to have a ripped sole for traction. The Trackster quickly became the go-to sneaker for track and cross-country runners across the state of Massachusetts. But it was in 1972 that New Balance really exploded.

Jim Davis, the current chairman, bought New Balance in 1972 — on the day of the famous Boston Marathon. And after the acquisition, he quickly scaled operations and broadened the brand’s availability and recognition. He quickly catapulted the brand to success, capitalizing on the booming runners market.

In 1976, the first New Balance sneaker with the iconic ‘N’ logo was released — it was called the 320 and it helped the brand breakout into the global sneaker market. 

In 1988, New Balance released what is now the most-popular of all its sneakers — the 574. What made this shoe stand out from the rest was its style. Before, New Balance shoes were only seen as performance shoes, but now people were wearing them off the running tracks. 

New Balance continues to release new versions of their famous shoes, creating new designs and styles as well. It’s a quality brand with integrity and durability. And it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.


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New Balance was founded in 1906 in Boston, Massachusetts by William J. Riley. 

The New Balance numbers refer to the model or style number in the New Balance naming system. Shoes that end with lower numbers (40, 50 & 60) deliver the highest stability while numbers in the middle(70 & 80) are designed for neutral runners and the highest numbers (90 & 00) are the lightest models.

New Balance is known for its comfort, especially with a wider toe and thicker mid sole. New Balance has been in business for over 100 years which far outruns any other top shoe brand’s business timeline, New Balance started as an orthopedic company and has applied its focus and efforts on mainly running shoes though has expanded in other areas, remaining true to their comfort and standards.

New Balance has reigned supreme in its look of the “Dad Shoe”, especially their 99x line. However there are also a ton of “Non-Dad Shoe” Styles available. 

Yes. New Balance’s ‘Numeric’ line is their men’s skatewear line.