New Balance Returns With The 997H

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Sneaker Background

If you grew up in the early ’90s, you have probably heard of a brand called New Balance. This shoe brand was trendy in the 90’s as the air max is of today’s generation. With several models released the most successful selling shoe of the entire brands history is the 997 Model.

Here we have the 997H, but do not confuse this model with the original model. The design has been tweaked and improved in many different ways throughout the shoe, giving it a more sporty look. The base layer of the sneaker is wrapped in a white mesh that can be seen on the toe box and the overall shoe is constructed using a very high-quality white leather.

On the side of the shoe, we can see a large new balance logo located in the center backed by a very vibrant color to make it pop even more.

Image via @shopatkings




Cover photo by @awlabs

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