The New Balance Vision Racer

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Did you know that after the oil industry, the fashion industry is the second highest polluter of our environment? Whether you talk of water pollution, excessive water consumption, waste accumulation, chemical pollution, greenhouse gasses, soil degradation or deforestation – the fashion industry is destroying the earth as it grows. 

Luckily many fashion brands are doing their part to make this industry more eco-friendly and create sustainable clothing and footwear—for instance, Jaden Smith and New Balance. The young philanthropist who has already done much to create a more sustainable world has joined hands with the sports footwear and apparel company, New Balance, to create one of the most sustainable sports footwear shoes – the New Balance Vision Racer.

Eco Friendly & Vegan Design

The New Balance Vision Racers are the company’s most sustainable footwear to date. Jaden Smith and the sports footwear and apparel manufacturer have focused on creating a completely vegan pair of kicks. 

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The team has used partially recycled materials – like polyester, synthetic leather, and reflective yarns to create these kicks. The soles are 100% recycled and made from recycled rubber, castor bean oil, recycled foam, and 74% virgin PU leather. The team has also has ensured that the heel carrier is 98% post-production rubber and foam – materials that would otherwise have been thrown away. The top of the shoes – the tongue, the upper lining, and so on – are made from 100% recycled polyester. 

This is one of the first 100% vegan shoes on the market!

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Sustainable Fashion

Sustainability can go hand-in-hand with fashion, and Smith and New Balance have proved it with the Vision Racer. With the highest and most solid soles created by NB so far, these purple trainers are a sight to behold. And with a personality like Jaden Smith backing it, it is already a mega fashion statement! 

The Vision Racers will be available from July 24 at

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