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JORDAN AJNT 23 – Black And Gold

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Get ready because the new pair of Nike’s Jordan Brand has a special treat for athletic and casual shoe enthusiasts. The renowned Tinker Linn Hatfield, who has curated well-loved designs that could be traced back from the iconic Air Jordan, has again put on his creative hat as he designed the sleek and fashion-forward AJNT 23 which is sure to take every basketball fan by storm.

The Anatomy of the AJNT 23

Own the basketball court with style as you sport the new AJNT 23. The new line of the Jordan Brand includes a classic bold black for its base, accented by white and metallic gold to highlight the overall look. To match the silky black color of the shoes, it also features a ripstop fabric for its base, and along it are nylon panels. The side panels of the shoes feature the smooth nylon and glossy overlays. The insoles of the shoes are printed with a Jumpman logo in gold. The AJNT 23 is also sure to keep the aesthetic up with its unique criss-cross pull-system strap, bearing the iconic Jumpman embroidery in gold. To finish off the look, the AJNT 23 also has gold knobs, a knob located at each side is rotated to tighten the shoes.

As for the rest of the shoes’ anatomy, the black-and-gold AJNT 23 also includes a white foam midsole. Its outsole is in translucent black, dusted with gold speckles all over it.  

The Suitcase

Another thing to look out for this new Jordan shoes is the packaging. Elevating the black and gold finesse of basketball fashion, the AJNT 23 also comes with a black matte hard case. The metal case will also be branded with the signature Jumpman on top of it, painted in gold. This isn’t the first time the Jordan Brand released a line packaged in a suitcase. 

Like the predecessor of the new AJNT 23, the Air Jordan 17, which was released to the public in 2002, also came in a suitcase packaging, making it among the most coveted pair of basketball shoes at the time. Not to mention its jaw-dropping price of $200, the Air Jordan 17 was the most expensive Air Jordan to hit the shoe market at the time. 

There is still no specific date for the release of the AJNT 23. It is, however, expected to hit the shelves by the end of summer, 2020. 

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Images from nike.com

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