Mark Gonzales x Adidas Superstar

Mark Gonzales x Adidas Superstar

The classic Adidas Superstar hits its 50th anniversary this year. What better way to celebrate it than being Shmoo-ed by the skateboard legend, Mark Gonzales. Hit the streets with the newest addition to the collaboration between Adidas Skateboard and world-renowned skateboard professional, Mark Gonzales. The classic Three Stripes sneaker undergoes an eccentric and whimsical Shmoofoil treatment, making the perfect addition for Gonzales’ signature apparel collection for skateboarding. 

Superstar gets the Shmoo

The Shmoofoil Superstar has a personal taste, embodying the “Gonz” style in each pair. The leather base sports the same look as the typical Superstar. The upper of the shoes are adorned with Gonz’s signature Shmoo graphic art patches in suede, adding more personality to the new skateboard shoes. The four playful Shmoo are outlined in light, bright colors of pink, blue, aqua, and maroon. The lateral shmoos are drawn with happy faces, while the medial ones are adorned with frowning Shmoos. 

As for the rest of the shoe, it follows the same formula as the favorite Superstar. The Shmoofoil also has the legendary shell toe. The Three Stripes branding was removed and was instead replaced with the Stan Smith-style perforations. 

In contrast to the white eggshell tone of the shoes, a black full-grain leather hell is installed. The tongue has also been thinned out, sporting the Adidas badge and completing the minimalist look. The black heel tabs and off-white midsoles match the overall aesthetic of the Shmoofoil Superstar.

The new Superstar hit the shelves last April 25, 2020. 

Gonzales tapped fellow-skateboard artists Heitor da Silva, Magnus Bordewick, and Nika Washington to debut the skateboard-themed line in a lookbook. 

Other items included in Gonzales’s skateboard signature line are cream track jacket, Shmoofoil-print hoodies matched with sweatpants, and a pair of purple shorts, to name a few. 

The Gonz: the most influential skateboarder of all time 

Highly respected in skateboarding, Gonzales rose to fame in 1981 when he was just 15. He was renowned for revolutionizing skateboarding by approaching it with modern and innovative styles, which later paved the way to what is now known as “street skateboarding.”

Gonzales entered the ranks of the professionals when he joined Vision Skateboard Team, a company that manufactures skateboard equipment. He won the Oceanside street contest in 1985. He continued to influence the street skateboard scene when he founded Blind Skateboards in 1991. 

Gonzales was also named the “most influential skateboarder of all time” by Transworld Skateboarding in 2011.

Mark Gonzales x Adidas Superstar Mark Gonzales x Adidas Superstar Mark Gonzales x Adidas Superstar Mark Gonzales x Adidas Superstar Mark Gonzales x Adidas Superstar

Images from Hypebeast

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