Hand Dyed Stussy Air Force 1s

Hand Dyed Stussy Air Force 1s

These new Stussy air force 1s are a cool spin on the tie-dye trend in sneakers. Most tie-dye sneakers have the colors printed on them because you can’t tie up shoes to dye them. But on these new Stussy Air Force 1s, you really get the natural, hand-dyed look and feel.

These kicks will release in Blue, Yellow/Orange, Purple, Green, and one that looks to be a mix of the Purple and the Yellow previously mentioned. The Blue and Purple pairs are solid colors as if they were dipped in dye. However, the other three colorways have a cool pattern to them, looking more like they had dye sprayed and splashed onto them.

This release is set for January 29th, 2021, 10:00am PST at Stussy.com.


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