Should sneaker releases include multiple lace colors?

Should sneaker releases include multiple lace colors?

The world has gone crazy in recent years over custom sneakers. Sneakerheads love to customize their laces to match their shoes because subtle changes make a big difference! Customizing your laces is a fun, creative way to show your personal style and vamp up your kicks. It creates a whole new look that personalizes the shoe to you. It’s a great thing when companies like Nike let you personalize your shoes, but unfortunately, most companies don’t offer custom laces. 

The Advantages of Lace Variety

When sneaker releases get launched sometimes we see shoes that have custom laces in the photo, and this can be misleading for those that don’t realize these shoes have custom laces. 

Your laces matter, they change the whole vibe of your kicks, so investing in some variety could really separate your look from everyone else or give you the look you originally wanted when you saw the sneaker release.

It’s really popular to see white laces but what about the same color as your shoe? How sick would it be to have charms on your laces? Companies like Laces Matched and Lace Lab have custom laces like these to pump up your kicks. You can do multicolor or solid color laces, change the metal tip, and even the material so it matches your style best. 

Nike Leading the Way

With Nike doing heavy collabs we could see more custom laces in the future. In the Off White x Nike collaboration we saw custom laces that are very similar to the ones supplied by Laces Matched. They featured silk screen printing of “Shoelaces” down the side of the shoelace. I’m not sure how anyone else felt, but we knew that it added exceptional depth to the custom kick. It is apparent that Nike shoelaces will continue to become more custom this year, meaning you should start customizing too!

Should sneaker releases include multiple lace colors?


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