History of Adidas Stan Smith

History of Adidas Stan Smith

Adidas shoes are always in style, and whether you’re a certified sneaker junkie or looking for something new to spice up your current shoe collection, it might be time to invest in Adidas. An excellent classic tennis shoe like the Adidas Stan Smith has the combination of comfort and style that everyone loves.

The History

The Adidas Stan Smith might not be the most recent thing in sneaker news, but the timeless look isn’t going anywhere. This style dates back to the first decade of the brand’s life when Stan Smith became the new face of the Adidas company. However, it wasn’t actually renamed until 1978.

Robert Haillet, a French tennis champion, was the first star of the Adidas line, which goes back to 1963. When the tennis star retired, the company decided they had to make their branding a little more current. They started looking for a new professional to back them, and Stan Smith was an obvious choice.

You may use “tennis shoes” as an interchangeable word for sneakers, but Adidas shoes were originally designed for playing actual tennis. It was only natural for a pro tennis player to be the company’s image, and Stan Smith was a champion.

The original Adidas Stan Smith was super popular. It only got more features in sneaker news once non-tennis players started sporting Adidas kicks. Although you can never go wrong with a classic original design, and the basics of the shoe honestly haven’t changed much, Adidas has released tons of versions of this sneaker with subtle changes to keep it current. When the 2000s hit, it was out with the old and in with the new as the Stan Smith re-release came with an updated design.

New Styles

The Stan Smith 80s, released to the Adidas Originals collection in 2008, kept the retro look, so it’s perfect for completing a more vintage style. The Adidas Stan Smith II was a little more modern—and possibly more in line with your current fashion sense. Obviously, you want your sneaker choices to be comfortable and supportive, but the aesthetics always key. The Stan Smith Millennium is a little less common than the original Stan Smith, the Stan Smith 80s, and the Stan Smith II. However, it’s still a great choice, especially if you prefer Adidas’s modern logo to the trefoil logo of their early days.

To go along with the classic and re-released versions of this sneaker, Adidas released dozens of limited editions so you could always have new, unique and collectible new kicks. They included Stan Smith Comfort, Stan Smith Vintage, and Stan Smith Vintage Tournament Edition and ranged from Muppet themes to Star Wars themes.

A Design for Everyone

You can typically wear Adidas sneakers with pretty much anything you own. Still, the Stan Smith has even more of this quality, with its versatile ability, ranging from minimalism to sneaker art. This shoe is an excellent display of your cult footwear fashion tastes no matter how you wear it.

Shockingly, this sneaker doesn’t have the three signature Adidas stripes. It focuses more on the face of the company than the company itself. To play up the Stan Smith branding, these shoes have his name written on them or his portrait on the tongue.

Don’t worry, the stripes are not entirely gone. Adidas just traded its typical bold design for a quieter set of perforated stripes. If you want a cleaner, more minimalist feel to the sides of your sneakers, this shoe is perfect for you.

On the flip side, the Stan Smith has become an outlet for sneaker art. Aside from the tennis star’s portrait on the tongue, these sneakers boast an off-white canvas just itching to be personalized. In fact, Adidas made self-expression easier in the 80s with Adicolor, a set of design tools available along with the sneaker. If you love to make a statement and express your personality, the Adidas Stan Smith has you covered.

The Build

Adidas created the first leather tennis shoe, and they never wanted to mess with a good thing. The Stan Smith is no exception—it’s made of leather with a rubber sole and white laces in traditional Adidas fashion.

Because of the stripes, you’ve probably never seen a pure white Adidas shoe. It’s not this company’s style, and the Stan Smith is no exception. The pop of color here is all about green, and it comes in two places: the Stan Smith portrait and the green foam padding that protects your Achilles’, which was added in 1967 and updated in the mid-70s. If that’s not quite enough for you, some options for the shoe include extra detailing in pink, red, and gold.

The Stan Smith

Everyone loves a classic, and you have your personal style, too. The Stan Smith is great for combining personality with a classic touch. It’s been around since the early 1970s, and it’s endorsed by a tennis champion. After such a long history, this sneaker has had time for re-releases and new versions, with just enough time to circle back to the classic. Combining cool but classic fashion statements with comfort is just what the Stan Smith does.

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History of Adidas Stan Smith History of Adidas Stan Smith History of Adidas Stan Smith History of Adidas Stan Smith

History of Adidas Stan Smith

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