Vans Styles

The Multiple Levels of Vans Shoes

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Vans are not only an iconic shoe but a truly versatile shoe. With over dozens of unique styles, the brand has managed to create an arsenal of high-performance footwear. Skaters have looked to Vans since its creation in 1966, but the brand’s true success in its versatility and broad appeal. Vans is synonymous with a lifestyle of authenticity and self-expression. So, where do you start? Which pair of new kicks are perfect for you? See our list below. 



This style is exceptionally laid back, emblematic of the skate and surf culture. The perfect set of new kicks for casual daywear from music festivals to the movies. The Slip-On comes in a variety of colors and prints, with the black and white checkerboard pattern being the most signature Vans shoes. Remember Sean Penn’s character Jeff Spicoli in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High?” Yeah, those were his classic kicks. 

Vans Slip On


The Era was Vans’ first skate shoe, designed in 1976. Interestingly enough, the Era style was the first sneakers to launch Vans’ “off the wall” logo. Professional skateboarding legends Tony Alva and Stacey Peralta helped collaborate on the shoe’s unique design, which features classic, clean lines, and extremely sturdy construction. This heavier shoe was designed for skaters and designed to last. 

Vans Era

Old Skool

The Old Skool is just that, appearing in stores in 1978 as the first shoe to feature the iconic side stripe. This is now Vans’ most recognizable emblem, with its now-signature jazz stripe, which originated as a doodle by the company’s founder Paul Van Doren. These sneakers are true classic Vans.

Vans Old Skool


The Sk8 Hi followed the Old Skool in 1978 and represents Vans’ skate-to-street versatility. Its style features above-the-ankle padding that elevated skate shoes. Since then, it has become a staple sneaker in street culture. It is a lace-up high top featuring sturdy canvas and suede uppers, with extreme flexibility. 

 Vans Sk8 Hi


The Authentic is truly that: authentic. This shoe could not have been named better. Especially since they have become a staple in the Vans collection since the company’s founding in1966. It is a very popular style amongst skaters and surfers. With this classic style, you cannot go wrong. The original lace-up skate shoe has now defined Vans and comes available in nearly every print and color you can imagine, from floral, to pastels. 

Vans Authentic


A slightly sportier take on the classic Vans, the Ultra Range is built for athletic use. These kicks not only are durable but also feature increased breathability and lightness. These lightweight kicks have an all-terrain grip that can take you from the mountains to the streets. This is truly a pair of sneakers designed for maximum comfort and performance.

Vans Ultra Range

Surf Boot

The Surf Boot is your ultimate second skin, giving you a perfect neoprene fit in between your surfboard and feet. They have a tight fit but allow water flow and temperature control while giving you a board feel and grip. It features the legendary vans grip while feeling like a second skin. It was designed for cold water wear and to keep your feet warm while surfing. The Surf Boot is the optimal choice for any surfers looking to maximize their experience. 

Vans Surf Boot

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