Adidas X90004D

Adidas X90004D

The Three Striped brand has been paying a lot more attention to their 4D line lately and as a result, has come up with a brand new silhouette called the X9000D. The Adidas X9000D is a shoe that is as light years ahead when it comes to the footwear industry.

Designed with the fast-paced and energetic world in mind, this pair of Adidas Running shoes feature the signature lattice midsole that is made from liquid resin that provides well-tuned cushioning and support to keep you on your game while you’re running.

The Adidas X9000D has an upper that is made of Primeknit along with a reasonably large heel tab. On the upper are midfoot graphics featuring the three stripes that are composed of reflective materials. Also, the molded heel will remind wearers and sneakerheads of the 4D Run 1.0.

Three different colorways of the Adidas X9000D are on deck. These are the black with hints of iridescent green and red, a gray pair with bright pops of orange, and of course, you cannot go wrong with the all-black pair.

The Adidas X9000D is a stable and lightweight running shoe that is sure to become a favorite among runners and sneakerheads. You can purchase the Adidas X9000D at the Adidas website as it was released back on September 4. The retail price is pegged at $200.

Adidas X90004D Adidas X90004D Adidas X90004DAdidas X90004DAdidas X90004D Adidas X90004D Adidas X90004D Adidas X90004D

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