Regional Sneaker Releases – Worth the Hype?

Regional Sneaker Releases – Worth the Hype?

Is it worth the hype?

Since the beginning of time, when it comes to the sneaker world, there has always been what we call “hype”. Hype can be a good and a bad thing. Just like many other things we face in our day to day lives. Basically, the definition of hype in the fashion world is a product with significant publicity and focus that creates a need and desire, which excites the buyer to purchase the goods.

Many items have major hype throughout the streetwear world. One of many examples is the iconic Supreme brand (in this case, the item is hyped due to severe rarity and limited production). The hype around an item has many factors.  These can include the number of production of that item or famous celebrity may have worn that item publicly, which caught the general publics’ eye and has created demand.

Say there is a sneaker you wanted to buy ever since you saw the release date and leaked photos.  Then, months later as the release approaches, you find out that this pair will not even release in your country?  Is it fair that only a specific listed region of the world gets that sneaker release? Many collectors are very upset by this because they work very hard to get their hands on a specific pair of shoes. This creates extreme frustration because, as many know, shipping and handling outside of your country can be a real burden.

Regional Releases Boost Value

An interesting fact is that shoes released outside of the United States generally resell for much more after release.  This is because many Americans were not able to get their hands on the shoe at their favorite retail stores. Because of this, they are willing to pay more to ensure they get there hands on the pairs they desire. Therefore, in the long run, creating more “hype” around that product.

Don’t get it confused though there are fans who prefer region-specific releases due to the fact that there will be more hype surrounding that release. These people are called Hypebeasts.

Regional Sneaker Releases – Worth the Hype?

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