Reebok’s Plant-Based Forever Floatride GROW

Reebok’s Plant-Based Forever Floatride GROW

There have been rising trends in the fashion industry in response to amplified efforts towards sustainability and pollution reduction. Reebok has recently risen to the challenge with their newly-unveiled sustainable footwear: the Forever Floatride GROW. An offshoot of Reebok’s NPC UK Cotton + Corn footwear collection, the first of its promised line of sustainable footwear, the Forever Floatride GROW was first revealed in December of last year. This serves as a follow-up on the company’s commitment to increase sustainable efforts.

The Forever Floatride GROW boasts a fabrication of mostly eco-friendly, plant-based materials. Taking inspiration for its construction and form from the Forever Floatride Energy, the Forever Floatride GROW is a performance-based running shoe that maintains a lightweight comfort while enabling speed in movements. It comes in a neutral and earth-toned colorway of dominant whites with accents of soft browns and grays. Its breathable, white mesh upper is made of biodegradable materials that are ethically-sourced from eucalyptus trees. Beige laces and a light brown offset the upper’s stark white, with Reebok’s signature stripes are splayed across the sides. The midsoles are crafted from castor beans that are sustainably grown and provides a lightweight and responsive cushioning. The foam sock liners are made of bloom algae, which are sourced from invasive growth and naturally fight odors. The orange outsoles are forged from real rubber trees and are flexible and durable.

For this project, Reebok had also partnered with Siena Farms to source the large wooden crates filled with half a bushel of fresh vegetables that came in the Forever Floatride GROW packaging. These Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) boxes were made exclusive to the first 50 customers to purchase the Forever Floatride GROW shoes. Reebok matched each of these purchases with a donation to a program that supports equitable access to fresh produce. 

The Forever Floatride GROW was released on October 1 at the retail price of $120 at

Reebok’s Plant-Based Forever Floatride GROW Reebok’s Plant-Based Forever Floatride GROWReebok’s Plant-Based Forever Floatride GROWReebok’s Plant-Based Forever Floatride GROW

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