Kobe 5 Bruce lee "Protro"

Kobe 5 returns with bruce lee kobe 5 “protro”

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Kobe Bryant was without a doubt one of the greatest to ever play the game of basketball. But like many of the greatest Kobe also had a role model in which he admired very heavily and that role model was none other than Bruce Lee.
Bruce Lee stood for many things and never was one to stand down in a fight and it’s very evident Kobe lived on and off the court by this aswell. Nike has announced they have a release date in mind to bring back the iconic previous bruce lee inspired Kobe 5 but this time in the “Protro” form. Set to release on bruce Lee’s birthday; It appears the sneaker will consist of the same materials and colorway but this time we see an alternative colorway version as well.

As seen in the original model we have a crisp black and yellow upper paired with red scratch marks to show resemblance to Bruce Lee’s incredible accomplishments/career. The yellow and black for example are inspired off the colors of Lee’s jumpsuit in the movie “Game of Death” while the red scratch marks are from another one of Lee’s iconic movies “Enter the Dragon”. Taking a closer look at the sneaker material wise the Kobe 5 was constructed using heat-bonded overlays and has almost a shiny plastic look to it as seen below.

Kobe 5 "Protro" bruce lee image by nike

Kobe 5 "Protro" bruce lee

Image by Nike


This sneaker does include Nike Flywire and Nike Zoom which helps with structure and form as well as comfort. Kobe Bryant’s signature can be seen on the heel tab dressed in black with a red signature included.  Kobe always includes a ton of minor and major details in his shoes and the heartbeat print on the sole of this sneaker is no exception. This traction pattern design is actually inspired by Kobe’s real heartbeat.

Kobe 5 "Protro" bruce lee sole

Image by Nike

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