Jerry Lorenzo Converse Skidgrip Overview

Converse Chuck 70 & Jerry Lorenzo- Fear Of God

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Converse has just given a new taste and twist with its sneakers. Get to know the Fear of God Converse Skidgrip – a unique collaboration between Converse and the famous Jerry Lorenzo! Jerry Lorenzo, an American sneaker designer, is a known founder of the American luxury streetwear label “Fear of God.”  As he collaborated with this famous sneaker company, he admitted that he was fascinated with this Skidgrip footwear from Converse. Converse and Fear of God combine fresh designs with significant pop color touch-ups in the 1987 graphics. In one of his statements, Lorenzo added that he found a Skidgrip in a mall, and since then, it became his favorite shoe from that summer. The famous designer ensures that they will keep the sneaker’s elegance by keeping its original shape as it carries a color that is similar to that of the 1987 High Top version.  

Converse Fear of God Review

While this fantastic pair of sneakers is set to arrive next month, here’s what you get when you buy this shoe.
  • Designed perfectly for daily wear
  • Appropriate to almost all casual looks
  • Easy to style and pair with outfits
  • Has a unique look
  Converse, together with Jerry Lorenzo, aims to deliver a sneaker with both comfort and design in one. This footwear features a minimalist look that will surely be loved by most of the sneakers enthusiasts.  Despite its fancy design, Converse has kept its usual rubber sole as well as its trademark – the All-Star patch! What are you waiting for? Grab this pair now and experience Converse Fear of God! These Kicks Released on August 27, 2020 for $120 Jerry Lorenzo Converse Skidgrip Medial Jerry Lorenzo Converse Skidgrip Lateral Jerry Lorenzo Converse Skidgrip Heel Jerry Lorenzo Converse Skidgrip Overview Jerry Lorenzo Converse Skidgrip Front

Converse x Fear of God FAQs

Skidgrip goes back as far as 1910 when Converse introduced the no-slip soles designed for basketball, boating, and skate decks, while the term itself came out in 1960. Lorenzo brought it back to life from his favorite late 80s shoe inspiration. 

Since the Fear of God Converse hype was so popular, they are currently sold out on the Converse website so you may have to look on resell sites until another drop is released.

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