Ben & Jerry’s and Nike SB “Chunky Dunky”

Ben & Jerry’s and Nike SB “Chunky Dunky”

Nike SB is bringing the heat in 2020 with a really cool and versatile lineup for all you sneakerheads and skaters alike. Whether it is a high, a mid or low, the Nike SB Dunk is set to send pulses racing with their new pairs that will definitely evoke nostalgia from the golden era of SB, which was early 2000’s.  2020 could even be the new golden era of SB’s.

At the top of the sneakerheads’ list will be the Ben & Jerry’s x Nike SB Dunk Low “Chunky Dunk,” which is a collaboration between the ice cream giant and Nike SB. With Nike SB gaining more and more traction once again with recent popular releases like the Nike SB Dunk Low “Travis Scott,” and the “Ray-Gun Tie-Dye,” the brand has wild and fresh collaborations to add to their eye catching line that includes the likes of Paul Rodriguez, Strangelove Skateboards and many others.

The latest to add to the roster is Ben & Jerry’s, which brings to the table one of their most popular flavors — the classic banana, fudge, and walnut Chunky Monkey.” Although Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors feature some all-time classics such as Cookie Dough, Choc Fudge Brownie, Phish Food, Caramel Choo Choo, none are as revered as the “Chunky Monkey” which successfully makes the transition from the freezer to the must-have lists of sneakerheads all over the world with its otherworldly blend of refreshing aesthetics and streetwear vibe.

Ben & Jerry’s and Nike SB “Chunky Dunky”

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In Your Face Design

This Nike SB Dunk Low model is as in your face as a sneaker can possibly get, bringing in bright and vibrant colors that take inspiration from the distinct Ben & Jerry’s packaging that features a cloudy blue sky underlay and faux fur used on the cow overlays and tongues. Eye pooping is an understatement with its picturesque green and blue backdrop, and the lining displaying a funky psychedelic wallpaper.

Seen above, Swoosh logos that are found on each side signify ice cream that is melting in the searing heat. This particular Dunk Low is then finished off with a White midsole and Green rubber outsole.

Sporting bright yellow melting Swoosh logos and tongue tags that are marked with “Chunky Dunky,” . Paired with embroidered “NIKE” heel tabs which can be seen below. There are also extra details that will definitely please with an array of interchangeable laces. The addition of the rainbow sock liner adds even more color to the already vibrant sneaker. Simply put, all the details that you will find on this shoe pay homage to Ben & Jerry’s signature flavor. These kicks will leave you wanting a pint or two after you wear them and thats what nike aimed for.

The Ben & Jerry’s x Nike SB Dunk Low is expected to add to the deep history of Nike SB, which began in 2001, when Nike started capitalizing on years-worth of grassroots momentum it had built by launching a model that transformed not only the brand’s skateboarding line, but sneaker culture in general: the SB Dunk.

Ben & Jerry’s and Nike SB “Chunky Dunky”

Images Via @94_sbchef


Ben & Jerry’s and Nike SB “Chunky Dunky”


Ben & Jerry’s and Nike SB “Chunky Dunky”

Ben & Jerry’s and Nike SB “Chunky Dunky”

The Rebirth Of Dunks

The late Sandy Bodecker was given the immense responsibility of turning around what was a struggling skate shoe venture. Many may not know but Sandy Bodecker was a key role in the revamping of Nike’s soccer division. In return, many looked to Bodecker as a lifeline that would breathe new life into the failing SB division. He finally found an answer, simply dont make a new skate shoe. Instead he had the idea of reengineering a shoe that skateboarders were already using for their craft. That shoe was the Dunk.

A Rebirth required more than just a redesign… It had to also pay homage and respect awell to the the skate culture. For this, Nike SB turned to four renowned and popular skaters, namely Reese Forbes, Gino Ianucci, Richard Mulder, and Danny Supa.

They served as ambassadors for the brand but also gave input for development of the Nike SB Dunk. Working with real skaters made the shoe more suited for the durability required of skateboarding.

New Beginnings

Several key changes were made, such as adding extra padding to the insole to absorb more impact. The sole was altered to provide users with more traction. However, the most obvious change — was the iconic introduction of the SB’s fat tongue.

Sneakerheads that are already targeting the groovy Ben & Jerry’s x Nike SB Dunk Low “Chunky Dunk” Can check reseller sites such as stockX since this shoe released on May 23, 2020

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Ben & Jerry’s and Nike SB “Chunky Dunky”
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