Nike air jordan 1 high "Dior"

Air Jordan teams with iconic designer christian dior

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The Air Jordan 1 OG Dior Sneakers Are Here &
Everyone Loves Them

When the Dior x Jordan collaboration was first announced during Art Basel Miami Beach 2019, it was rumored the sneakers would be the most expensive Air Jordans to date. Needless to say, everyone started talking. Now that the sneakers are out and available for purchase, it’s clear that they were worth the wait.

The Dior x Jordan Sneakers Define the Intersection of Different Fashion Cultures.

Jordan 1 high "Dior" sneaker Jordan 1 high "Dior" box view

Taking the best of both worlds, We see High-end designer and high-performance sportswear features. These sneakers are the product of a unique collaboration. Produced in Italy using fine leather, the Air Jordan 1 OG Dior sneakers have the graphic elements of Dior’s blueprint and the silhouette of the classic Air Jordan 1. They are available in one colorway, the Dior Gray. There’s an embossed logo on the upper featuring the iconic jump man next to the words “Air Dior.” The insoles and the Nike swoosh are cut out of the iconic Dior oblique jacquard. Release Price & Model Variations The limited-edition sneakers come both in High and Low variations, with the Highs priced at $2,200 and the Lows selling for $2,000. Since this is Dior, they have found a way to sell the sneakers as high-end, limited-edition products. Exclusively for this partnership, the brands have developed a first-come, first-served shopping experience through a special microsite. Making it hard to get a pair of the Dior x Jordan sneakers have unlocked people’s FOMO and really created massive hype among fans and celebrities.

Jordan 1 high "Dior" sneaker sole Jordan 1 high "Dior" sneaker side view

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