Who Remembers Megaman? ASICS sure does

Who Remembers Megaman? ASICS sure does

If you’re a long-time gamer, then you probably remember the 8-bit video game featuring a blue bomber called Mega Man. If you played the game in Japan, then you would know the bomber as Rockman. Regardless of what you call him, though, it cannot be denied that the character and the game have become so popular that it created a huge franchise that influenced one generation of gamers to another.

The impact of Mega Man is such that the character has even made his way to mobile phones. And now, the beloved blue bomber has penetrated yet another industry–footwear. This proves that its popularity has not waned, and may even have grown more as the years passed.

Japanese video game developer and Mega Man creator Capcom has partnered with another Japanese company, the multinational footwear-producing corporation ASICS, to create a special pair of sneakers inspired by the well-loved blue bomber.

The Partnership-

Capcom’s partnership with ASICS is actually for the creation of an apparel collection inspired by Mega Man, but the highlight of the collection is the pair of blue sneakers that bring back the good old days when we played the popular 8-bit video game. Besides the sneakers, the collection also includes three t-shirts, a French terry hoodie, and a nylon drawstring gym bag.

The white t-shirt has the same design as the hoodie. It features Mega Man himself depicted in pixelated art, wearing the blue sneakers. The text on the shirt and hoodie is in Japanese writing, and it literally translates into ‘All Boss No Damage’. This text pays homage to the no-damage levels in the game. Another t-shirt has the same design as the gym bag, which has the ASICS brand name in big bold letters as well as Mega Man in action.

The Shoes-

Made of two-tone blue patent leather, the Mega Man sneakers obviously draws inspiration from the signature look of the popular blue bomber. In fact, it is almost a mirror image of the shoes that Mega Man himself wears in the game. In a further nod to 8-bit video games in general, the shoes have pixelated stripes in a soft yellow. Even the word ‘Gel’ stamped on the back of the shoes is printed in the font that is typically used in the said video games.

An additional tribute to Mega Man is the thick blue midsole of the sneakers, which also effectively offers comfort and support. Fans of the video game would notice that it resembles the character’s bulky metal feet. Even the box in which these shoes come feature retro artwork depicting several iconic video game bosses. The Mega Man sneakers by ASICS were released on November 1st, 2019, at a price of JPY 12,000 or approximately $150. Not bad, considering the popularity of the character and the range of the Mega Man franchise.

The collection was first released in Japan, of course, but is now available in many countries across the globe. You could also do your shopping online, and relive your early gaming days via this attractive apparel.

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Who Remembers Megaman? ASICS sure does Who Remembers Megaman? ASICS sure does Who Remembers Megaman? ASICS sure does Who Remembers Megaman? ASICS sure does

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