Vans Checkerboard Day is Happening on November 19th

Vans Checkerboard Day is Happening on November 19th

“Creativity is good for your head.” That’s the message behind this year’s Vans Checkerboard Day happening on November 19th. 

In case you missed it last year, the Vans Checkerboard Day is a global initiative led by the notorious brand to fund projects and organizations that work to champion the power of creative expression in young people across the globe.

The Vans Checkerboard Day in 2019 Made a Real Difference

In the inaugural 2019 edition of their Checkerboard Day, Vans donated over $1 million to the Imagination Foundation. This non-profit organization fosters entrepreneurship and creativity in children around the globe. Their donation made it possible for over 10,000 kids from all over the world to get access to creative educational programs. The impact of Vans’ initiative has continued to spread with over 190 Creativity Chapters worldwide. 

What About the 2020 Edition?

On November 19th, 2020, The Vans Checkerboard Fund pledged to donate more than $1 million USD to ten organizations who work to promote and support mental wellness. This effort comes as a result of an unexpected period of isolation that left individuals and communities around the world struggling to cope with newfound mental health challenges. Vans will support charities whose purpose is to help people channel their creativity into improving their well-being.

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