TOP 3 Most Slept On Jordan Releases of 2019-

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Jordan sneakers are, without a doubt, one of the most notorious and sought after sneakers on the market throughout the world. It is no secret that a lot of Jordans fly off the shelves some releases faster than others. But, what about the pairs that don’t? What about the pairs that the general public’s eye didn’t catch, that collect dust on shelves and don’t receive the expected sales that the brand imagined. Here we have the 3 MOST SURPRISING slept on Jordan releases of 2019. Some of these may shock you, considering you might be a huge fan of them.

3. Nike Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey (2019) 

2019 Marks the official 30th anniversary of the release of the iconic Jordan 4. In honor of that release, we saw the re-release of the Air Jordan 4 cool grey.

This classic sneaker features a light cool grey color throughout with accents of a subtle charcoal color, which makes the grey pop more. Additionally, chrome accents can also be seen on the shoes iconic Jordan Jumpman logo.

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2. Nike Air Jordan 10 “Woodland Camo” 

Let’s face it, almost everyone has a piece of camo clothing in their closet…. so it is very shocking that a lot of sneakerheads did not consider a camo colorway to add to their collection when the Jordan 10 “Woodland Camo” did not meet selling expectations. The air Jordan 10 Camo is a perfect pair to add to your sneaker rotation to add some variety, if that’s what in your in the market for. This shoe doesn’t disappoint with its woodland camo print, which is featured throughout the entire shoe paired with a black outsole, black midsole, and a black insole with a white Jumpan logo which can be seen below.

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Jordan 10 Woodland camo

Jordan 10 Woodland Camo

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2. Nike Air Jordan 11 Low Snakeskin Light Bone

Not many people know this, but the Jordan 11 lows were created when Jordan made his returning debut to the league in 1995. The design on this shoe starts with a plain white midsole that makes the snakeskin along the sides of the shoe blend in evenly. This is paired with white leather uppers and black trim along the top of the shoe. Meanwhile, these kicks include rope laces instead of your standard Jordan brand laces.

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