Top 10 Most Popular Sneakers of the 90’s

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The 90’s were a stylish era for multiple reasons. With the resurgence of vintage and normcore, some of the most popular sneakers today were some of most popular sneakers in the 90s. Check out this list of the top 90s sneakers!

1.Nike Air Humara

Image from Grailed

Well known among ACG fans as one of Nike’s best trail runner models, this 1997 Nike release was resurrected in 2017 as a chunky yet colorful Nike style. Created by Peter Fogg, the history of the Humara tells a longer story of this not-so-popular shoe being ahead of its time and re-emerging as a sneaker/runner/fashion statement.  

2. Nike Air Jordan Concord

Image from Nike

Among the earliest Air Jordans to be released, these Jordan favorites were designed by Tinker Hatfield when fans thought Nike and the NBA were at the end of their relationship. Never before seen, they made their ‘100-foot dunk’ debut in 1995 when Michael Jordan showed off their white patent leather top with translucent bottoms and his iconic 45 number at a playoff competition.

3. FILA Disruptor

The popularity of these sneakers has not been lost, and after being quiet for some time, 2018 brought back it’s revitalization. First released in 1996 as a lifestyle sneaker, the Disruptor fell to the wayside as other iconic Fila shoes grappled for attention. Despite this, Fila’s brand resurgence in collaboration with fashion designers and normcore allowed them to provide the blend of streetwear and sportswear shoes today. 

4. Reebok Classic

Image from Reebok

Often paired with high waisted denim jeans and a graphic tee back in the day, the white Reebok Classics pair well with any look in today’s world. Stylish with an old-school vibe, these sneakers fit in the category of fresh white sneaks. 

5. Nike Air Max 95

Image from Nike

With the Nike universe focused on its basketball line, designer Sergio Lonzano turned the attention to its performance running category with a brand new design for the Nike Air Max 95 featuring a gradient gray and pop of neon color. It was the first of its kind for many reasons, including its new Swoosh placement and visible Air unit in the forefront. 

6. New Balance 530s

Image from Hypebeast

Initially launched as a performance running shoe in 1992, the New Balance 530s were favorites among runners for their simple, minimalistic, and classic look with uber cushioning. The retro look remains as true as its quality; this resurrected classic runner turned lifestyle sneaker providing durability to last decades. 

7. Converse One Star

Image from Converse

Already a deemed coveted classic by the 90s as the One Star turned 20 years old, in 1993 the One Star was back on shelves after it’s last ’74 shelf appearance. For fans of all things vintage, the One Star came back in the 90s during a time of skateboarding culture and celebrities like Kurt Cobain who often wore them. 

8. Nike Air Max 97

Image from Nike

Released two years after the Nike 95 release (hence the 97), the Nike Air Max 97s are one of Nike’s most popular silhouettes still to this day. The wave-like design lines that run from heel to toe were loved by runners when they were released. While various versions have been fused with other designs like the Humara or the Nike Air Force 1, the classic Nike Air Max 97 remains a timeless favorite.  

9. Vans Half Cab

Image from Vans

This sneaker was released in 1992 as a mid-top version of the Vans Caballero and is now known as one of the most historic skateboarding models of all time. It is one of the longest-running signature models in the skate world known for its premium upper suede and collar that is recognized as one of the most influential skate shoes today. 

10.  Nike Air Flight Huarache 

Image from Nike

Debuted in 1991, the 1992 Nike Air Flight Huarache was noted for its bare bones look in a lightweight runner. The new cross-category technology featured the blend of Lycra and neoprene fabrics that marked the start of the Huarache move from bulky predecessors and change the course of Nike history.

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