Nike SB Dunk Low Be@rbrick

This Nike SB Dunk Low BE@ARBRICK is Hairy

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Nike’s longstanding collaboration with Tokyo-based toy company, Medicom Toy, has led to another venture. Famous for its line of bear-shaped figures, the BE@RBRICK, Medicom Toy calls to the child-like collectors.

Medicom Toy not only succeeded as a toy brand, but it also became a house name for contemporary streetwear. It continued to thrive in the market when it joined forces with Nike as it launched SB Dunks and Air Force 1’s. 

The collaboration history

Nike received criticisms from fans due to the disappearance of the fat-tongued SB Dunks before 2010. Thus, the resurgence of the fat tongues on the shelves compelled Nike that it was high time to tap Medicom once again to launch a new series of SB Dunk shoes. 

Their notable Dunk Low Pro Medicom 1, released in 2004, marked the starting point of Medicom and Nike’s history. The Medicom 1 was the first shoes to sport a double layer of the signature Swooshes. They were also exclusive to registered members of Medicom. 

The Medicom Toy x Nike SB Dunk Low 

The Nike SB Dunk Low BE@ARBRICK is in black, white, and gold colors. Its hairy upper is in black, while the heel tabs, which are also hairy like the uppers, come in a pale blonde color. The signature logo of the BE@ARBRICK, a “@” with a bear outlining it, is embroidered in white on the real corner. The new SB Dunk Low look is completed with a white midsole, while its outsole is semitransparent. 

Nike has no specific date as to when the Nike SB Dunk Low will be released to the public. However, it is anticipated to hit the shelves in August at select skate shops at Nike’s website. 

Nike SB Dunk Low Be@rbrick

Images from @hanzuying

Nike SB Dunk Low Be@rbrick Nike SB Dunk Low Be@rbrick side Nike SB Dunk Low Be@rbrick

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