The History of Primitive Skateboarding

The History of Primitive Skateboarding

Primitive Skateboarding is a professional skateboard company created in 2008 by professional skateboarder Paul Rodriguez along with Heath Brinkley, Andy Netkin, Jay Partow, and Jubal Jones. 

Primitive began as a skateboard, sneaker, and apparel shop located in Encino, California. The brand saw immediate success and quickly expanded to include its own apparel line. Plan B Skateboards had originally sponsored Paul Rodriguez, but he quit the team due to his desire to have more control and ownership over his career. A limited-edition run of the Primitive “Gold Eagle” pro model deck went on sale in early April 2014 and sold out within hours. From there, the decision to launch Primitive Skateboarding was born. Paul Rodriguez was the pro of the original team, with Carlos Ribeiro and Nick Tucker joining as amateurs. 

To this day, the company continues to be known as a premium quality brand, even as the team has grown. The company has expanded its inventory to include apparel for all ages alongside skateboarding gear and accessories. Primitive has collaborated with several well-known brands and public figures to enhance their options further. 

What Makes Primitive Skateboarding Unique?

Primitive Skateboarding sets itself apart from other brands due to its small size and structure and its commitment to quality and good business practices. As a skater himself, Paul Rodriguez was committed to fair treatment for the riders Primitive brought aboard. With traditional skateboarding companies, profits are heavily skewed towards the company, and the riders make specified minimums each month. Primitive flipped that model on its head by giving the riders higher shares of the royalties, allowing them to operate as miniature versions of their own brands within the framework of the company. This new model shows Primitive Skateboarding’s dedication to its riders and their well-being.


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