Weight Lifting Sneakers

The Best Sneakers for Lifting Weights

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Weight lifting is one of the best forms of exercise if you want to make changes to your body quickly. When done properly, lifting weights is a great way to improve posture, add muscle, and maintain bone density. It’s also an amazing way to achieve a more positive mindset and lift depression. Lifting weights regulates your breathing, and that can improve moods, which is important for a healthy lifestyle. But to derive as much benefit as possible from weight lifting workouts, you need to have the right gear. Part of that includes footwear.

Proper shoes for weight lifting will help you achieve your goals more quickly. There are shoes explicitly built for heavy lifting. Cross trainers can also be appropriate for most people who like to lift in the gym. There are a few important things to consider when looking for your new kicks. These include ankle support, plenty of grip, and sturdy soles. Some people want to try and do their lifting in running shoes. That’s not a great idea for anyone working with anything more than small dumbbells. Running shoes are designed with springy soles that transfer energy easily. This is the opposite of what you want in a gym shoe.

Adidas Powerlift

Consider the Adidas Powerlift series of cross-trainers. The Powerlift is a lightweight shoe with an emphasis on durability and lockdown. When you compare Adiwear outsole with the brand’s Boost technology used in running shoes, they’re totally different. The Adiwear is much more compressed. It’s more solid and less bouncy. They’re both really amazing materials. They’re just used for very different functions. The Powerlift is a shoe that’s built to withstand heavy lifting. It also provides the right kind of foundation for your feet and joints while you’re doing that heavy lifting. The strap that goes over the laces on this shoe provides additional lockdown. And last but not least, the Powerlift looks great.



Images from Adidas.com

Reebok Nano

The Reebok Nano series is a favorite with the CrossFit community. They love the NanoWeave material used in the upper. It’s lightweight, durable, and breathable. It’s also has a somewhat futuristic look. It’s infused with Kevlar so that there’s no fraying. This is a strong shoe that’s also got some serious style. Recent releases in the Nano line include neutral gray shoes with a classic gum brown sole. The soles are carefully patterned to ensure the best traction. That’s important when lifting heavy things over your head. Finally, Reebok Nano is known as one of the most comfortable shoes for weightlifting. There’s plenty of room to wiggle your toes in these kicks.



Images from Reebok.com

Nike Romaleos 4

Nike’s Romaleos 4 is one of the great new kicks on the weightlifting scene. This is a sleek, lightweight shoe built to be very supportive. The innovative sole distributes impact and stress evenly. On this shoe, the midsole strap loops through the shoe. This provides excellent lockdown and a unique aesthetic. The profile of this shoe is a low-top. The heel is elevated, almost like a running shoe would be. However, the sole is made with different materials than a running shoe. The idea behind the lifted heel is to provide explosive power for the lifter. Nike often releases blasts with their latest sneaker news, but when it came to this shoe, they’ve let it fly under the radar. It’s still a fantastic buy, and it’s available in vibrant colorways like Laser Crimson/Dark Smoke Grey/Spruce Aura.



Images from Nike.com

New Balance Minimus Prevail

New Balance is still producing some solid cross-training shoes that are appropriate for lifting, too. The Minimus Prevail has a throwback look and a grippy Vibram sole. The focus with this shoe is on stability and strength. The upper is a knit material made from TPU. It’s breathable and fashionable. The design helps to keep it lighter in weight, too. An Asym counter helps to stiffen the heel. It also directs pressure appropriately towards the supportive midsole of the shoe. Navy, Royal Blue and Red versions of this shoe are available. Though the soles are fully modern in terms of technology, they have a classic gum-sole look.



Images from Newbalance.com


Sneaker news may be everywhere these days, but shoes for lifting tend to fly under the radar. That’s a shame because there are some superb examples of these shoes on the market today. Adidas and Reebok have some very loyal customers when it comes to their offerings. They understand the type of people who love to lift heavy. But Nike is never to be underestimated, and really neither is New Balance. It’s a category with a lot of variety. There’s something to make every athlete feel great while they’re working on their gains.

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