Cartoon Inspired Kicks

Our 10 Favorite Cartoon Inspired Sneaker Collaborations

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No matter what generation you are from, odds are you grew up watching cartoons. Cartoons are a huge part of many of our lives as we grow up, and the impact sticks with us as we get older. When people see characters from their favorite childhood (or adulthood) cartoons, they receive nostalgia remembering the good old days. That may be why cartoon-inspired apparel is so popular that people want to see and associate with their favorite characters.
Here is a list of our top 10 favorite cartoon-inspired kicks.

SB Dunk “Homer” and “Marge”

Nike Homer & Marge
Kicking off our list are two pairs of Nike SB Dunks styled after the parents of the longest-running cartoon on television, The Simpsons. Homer has his own SB Dunk Lows in White/Pale Yellow/Pale Blue with a black midsole and gum soles. The colors are meant to reflect homers White Shirt, Blue Pants, Black Shoes, and Yellow Skin.
Marge definitely has a flashier design to her High-Top Dunk SBs. With Bright Yellow and Blue as the primary colors and a Lime Green Swoosh to add even more pop, these shoes are designed to stick out. This pair is also styled after the colors of Marge’s outfit and skin color.

Jordan 4 Doernbecher “Superman”

jordan 4 doernbecher
The Doernbecher Jordan’s are really fresh and unique because they are the only Air Jordan’s not designed by someone from the Jordan Brand. All Doernbecher’s are designed by patients at the Doernbecher Hospital. Isaiah Scott designed this pair and is made to have a superman theme.

Dragon Ball Z x Adidas

dragon ball z x adidas
If you watch anime at all (or don’t), you have probably heard of Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball is known for its intense fight scenes, the franchise has been running on and off since 1986. Adidas must share the Dragon Ball passion because they made a Primeknit pair of kicks made to look like the actual dragon from Dragon Ball Z. The dragon pair is currently available at, and there are actually 6 other designs in this collection. Some more styles include ZX500 RM “Goku”, Ultra Tech “Vageta”, and Kamanda “Majin Buu”.

Nike Dunk High SB “Quagmire”

Glen Quagmire is the loveable next-door neighbor / sexual deviant from the popular cartoon Family Guy.
He is always seen in a red shirt with yellow flowers, blue jeans, and brown shoes. Nike must have liked his style because they decided to slap that outfit onto a pair of High-Top SB Dunks. With the red and yellow shirt displayed on the sides and heel, denim blue suede on the rest of the upper, white laces and midsole and gum soles, this pair looks just like Quagmires outfit.

Nike Zoom Lebron 6 “Stewie Griffin”

Lebron 6 Stewies
Another Family Guy inspired pair of Nikes is the Lebron 6 “Stewie Griffin”. This pair has a real cartoony vibe, unlike many of the other cartoon-inspired kicks you will see out there. This is also one of the rarest Lebrons you will ever come across. That is if you are ever lucky enough to come across a pair. There is one pair in Bata Shoe Museum if you are interested in seeing them in real life. The design is super cartoony and displays Stewie’s Red overalls and Yellow shirt on the toe cap. The midsole is blue like Stewie’s Shoes, and the side panels are white with a white/black swoosh.

Nike Kyrie 5 x SpongeBob Squarepants

SpongeBob Nike Kyrie
Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?? NIKE KY-RIE 5! Nike did an amazing job with the Kyrie 5 x SpongeBob Squarepants line. There is a total of 5 SpongeBob colorways. The shoes are designed after SpongeBob, Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles, Mr. Krabs, and Sandy Cheeks. The colorways on these pairs are spot-on for the SpongeBob characters.

Fantastic Four x Nike

Fantastic Four Nike
The Nike Fantastic Four Pack contains four different kicks designed after the fantastic Four themselves. The Shoes are Air Max 90 “Mr. Fantastic” / Air Force 1 Low “Invisible Woman” / Dunk High “The Thing” / Air Max 95 “Human Torch”. Each pair has unique characteristics to match the superhero that they are associated with. These include a clear toecap for “Invisible Woman” and a lava colored upper on “Human Torch”.

Toy Story x Vans

Vans Toy Story
Vans released an extensive Toy Story line that includes 9 different adult kicks across multiple styles of Vans sneakers. They have designs that include favorite characters like Woody, Buzz lightyear, the Arcade Aliens, and more.

Nike Air Trainer III “Optimus Prime”

Nike Air Trainer III Optimus Prime
Nike shows its respect to the Autobots leader, Optimus Prime, in this Nike Air Trainer III Colorway. The Grey/Silver/Blue color scheme paired with Autobots branding on the heel gives this pair an authentic Optimus Prime look and feel.

Jordan 6 “Hare”

Air Jordan 6 Hare
“Ahh, What’s Up, Doc?” Is what these Jordans look like they are about to say. The Jordan 6 “Hare” is designed after the iconic Bugs Bunny, who starred in Space Jam with Michael Jordan himself. Most of the uppers are Gray and White, just like Bugs himself. There is a translucent red tongue and a carrot-like lace lock. The midsole displays some red, and the sole is red, white, and green.


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