Nike Zoom KD13

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Nike has just officially debut Kevin Durant’s brand-new line of signature sneakers called the Zoom KD 13. Similar to the KD 12, the KD13 has a double-stacked Zoom Air. However, it is now located in the forefoot below the lengthy Air Zoom instead of the heel. This allows free movement off the ball of the foot, whether it’s a quick step to one side or a sudden change in direction.

Durant is known for how he mixes his speed, unpredictability, and flair. Therefore, the shoes are light with a well-built 5/8 cut, a Swoosh that dips towards the midsole, and though it has overlaid wings to increase the support, they do not add any bulk. To add to its already sleek design, it has his No. 7 placed on the shoe’s midsole.

Zoom Air Technology

The primary purpose of Zoom Air is the same as having a spring underfoot. The purpose of the spring is to return the amount of energy you put into it. The KD13 has double the spring power in the form of the double-stacked forefoot Zoom Air. The double Zoom returns more energy with each step or move.

The Nike Zoom design is known for its durable fiber, which helps prevent muscles and joints from receiving heavy impact. When the wearer’s foot lands the fibers compress. This gives a more responsive feel and improved footing of the surface you are on. Due to the way the cushioning is intricately designed, it is thin enough to bring the foot close enough to the ground to give it a solid stabilization or grip, especially during sudden switches of the wearer’s momentum or direction. These fibers are contained inside the Nike Air bubbles.


The very first sneakers that were equipped with the Zoom Air are the Nike Air Go LWP and the Nike Air Marauder.

The KD 13 first came out with a pure “Black/White” but it also has 5 other eye-catching styles which are:

kd13 black

-“Planet of Hoops” which is a mix of a navy blue and has a highlight of neon green.

KD13 PlanetofHoops

-“Hype” has graphic printed chains layered with flowery reds and blues with a slight accent of butterfly wings

kd13 hype

-“Chill” has a cool watercolor-style green and pale yellow leather overlay, atop an ombré midsole with light pale pink on the swoosh

KD13 Chill

-“Home Team” sparks a grid-like gray pattern with a speckled midsole and swoosh that blends in with the bottom part of the shoe.

kd13 hometeam

“Bred.” comes in a clean black grid and red swoosh which is also referred to as “Bred.”


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