Nike UVA “Champ Colors”

Nike UVA “Champ Colors”

Nike UVA Colors

Nike says that its mission drives it to do all that is possible to expand the human potential. All Virginia fans, get your wallets out. Nike has introduced a new sneaker pair that every Cavalier will appreciate.

Nike is proud that it creates groundbreaking sports innovations and makes its products sustainable by building a global and diverse team that is positively impacting society. 

The company is based in Beaverton, OR, United States, and includes the Nike, Jordan, and Converse brands.

Style of the Dunk Low SP “Champ Colors” 

To commemorate the Dunk Low silhouette’s 35th anniversary, Nike has released a pair of sneakers in blue and orange. They have called it the Nike UVA “Champ Colors”.

The company describes the shoes as those that have an upper in university orange color with marine overlays to celebrate the latest champions of men’s college basketball.

Release of the Nike UVA “Champ Colors”

The Dunk Low SP “Champ Colors” was released on June 24, 2020, and costs $100 USD. It became so popular that it got sold out rapidly. Currently, the only platforms from which you can buy them are resale websites such as StockX

In such sites, at this time, these sneakers retail from about $262 up to $380. GOAT is another site that offers new pairs from $275 and the highest mark hits $560 depending on the sneaker’s size.

Nike is a brand that always poses a challenge: it will design the best sports footwear and stay true to its mission to date. The company claims that its purpose is to unify the world through sports and create a healthy world and a fair playing field for everyone.

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