Air Jordan 1 Dark Mocha

Nike to Release a New Air Jordan 1 with a “Dark Mocha” Colorway in November 2020

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For the past couple of years, Jordan Brand has been actively launching the releases of their products in various color schemes. Including neon styles like the Air Jordan 4 LE ‘Neon’, sleek designs like the Air Jordan 12 ‘Reverse Taxi,’ minimalist concepts like the Air Jordan 1 High Zoom R2T, and many more. This time, however, the brand has decided to undertake a more simplistic design. A design that is similar to what became popular in a previous release back in 2019. With an upcoming release announced for the fall of 2020, the Jordan Brand is back again with an earthy color scheme for its new product, Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Dark Mocha’. 

The Design

The Jordan Brand has started to incorporate earthy tones into its products gradually. This new release is considered to be one of them. Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Dark Mocha’ boasts a simple colorway of sail, dark mocha, and black. A color combination that is quite similar to the famous Air Jordan 1 High ‘Travis Scott’. The new release is designed with the base in sail leather, the toe caps, and the Swooshes in black leather, the heels in dark mocha suede, the collar in black, the midsole in sail rubber, and the outsole in black rubber. Although the color scheme might seem plain, the design’s layout uses the colors in the right places to give off a straightforward and sharp look that’s definitely worth adding to your collection.

Travis Scott?

Although the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Dark Mocha’ might be quite uncannily similar to the ‘Travis Scott’ design, they are actually different in that ‘Travis Scott’ is predominantly brown. At the same time, ‘Dark Mocha’ uses brown as an accent only. Enthusiasts who missed out on the Air Jordan 1 High ‘Travis Scott’ can definitely check ‘Dark Mocha’ out. Nevertheless, both designs give off a minimalist and sharp vibe that remains prominently fashionable.

Release Date is November 21, 2020 and retail is $170

Air Jordan 1 Dark Mocha

Air Jordan 1 Dark Mocha Heel

Air Jordan 1 Dark Mocha Pair

Air Jordan 1 Dark Mocha Sole

Images from @hanzuying

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