Nike Air max Plus goes stealthy with camo edition

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Nike has done it once again! Creating an all-new line that is better than any that came before, and it’s all thanks to the revamped version of the Air Max Plus collection. Not to mention the Air Max Plus Brushstroke that gives it a simple and artistic look! 

Simple yet confident color scheme

Forget about standing out in the crowd; it’s nice to blend in once in a while. But make no mistake, the Air Max Plus Brushstroke would set you apart in a different way, and it’s because everyone would want a pair.

The Air Max plus Brushstroke has a simple and artistic style with a breathable mesh upper covered in camouflage like brushstrokes in browns, grays, and green. The upper also contains the signature Air Max plus webbing overlay. The heel and midsole even contain a sort of earthy pink color.  

Perfect for any occasion!

With so much to choose from the Air Max Plus collection, you wouldn’t need to have any other shoes since they have a style that can fit any occasion. It may look simple with its white design and camo-like features, but wear them with any outfit. It may be for going out to lunch, working out, jogging, or even going to the mall.

image source @sneakerbardetroit

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