New “Union” Collab Colorways coming our way!

New “Union” Collab Colorways coming our way!

Talks have begun to be spread about a fresh new collaboration between Union and Jordan Brand. This is exciting news as these two brands linked up back in 2018 for a couple of incredible Air Jordan 1 colorways.

These products are still on the minds of sneaker fans everywhere. Both pairs are now selling for around $2k each from resellers. So, when news about the Union x Air Jordan 4 collab began to spread, it got people excited.

According to the Union website, the tongue on both Jordan 4s can be made into a more normal-looking and larger tongue, if you prefer. 

This minor detail changes the look of the shoe entirely, and fans are drooling over them.

New “Union” Collab Colorways coming our way!

images by @stylelikekay on instagram


There are two more shoes in this collection: the AJ Zoom 92 and the AJ Delta Mid.  This collection is all set to be released on the 29th of August 2020, and fans expect that it will be a big hit, selling out instantly.

A Detailed Look

This combination initially came to GOAT, the resale platform. The colorway has a light pink suede upper paired with a mesh ankle collar which is red in colour and a blue “Nike Air” heel tab and mesh ankle collar.

The standout feature of the shoe is the “UN/LA” tab which is on the lateral side and which is the only element that indicates that the show is in collaboration with Union.

New “Union” Collab Colorways coming our way!

image source @alealimay


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