crimson tint 1s pic by Holygrailofkicks

Jordan 1 High “Black Crimson Tint”

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The Nike Air Jordan 1 is noted by many as one of the most iconic sneakers that the Jordan brand has ever released since 1984 when the Nike Air Jordan brand was invented. The Nike Air Jordan 1 is the first sneaker produced for the legend Michael Jordan and the first ever to be released to the public for sale. Jordan 1 holds one of the top spots for sales when it comes to the Jordan brand series.

“Crimson Tint” is one of the hundred colorways of this sneaker. This colorway is made from the standard tumbled leather we are used to seeing in the Jordan 1. The “Crimson Tint” on these kicks is a unique almost “pink -like” color which is paired with black. We see crimson tint hints all over including the swoosh, sole, rear, toe and side panels, and laces.  The Air Jordan logo on the side of the shoe is black, supported by a white midsole, followed by a crimson tint sole bottom.

Jordan 1 Crimson tint

Image by @holygrailofkicks


Jordan 1 crimson tint

image by @retro_mike


Release Info: 

Released on: April 11th, 2019

Price: $160

Nickname: Crimson Tint Ones

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