How To Spot Fake Nike SB Dunk Lows 

How To Spot Fake Nike SB Dunk Lows 

You’ve just got your brand-new sneakers home. Finally, you catch a waft of that new skate shoe smell and proudly put them on. But while you do, you notice something a little ‘off’ about them, which leads you to ask that dreaded question you’ll never get out of your mind… Are my SB Dunks fake? This article will help you identify the real from the phony and help you to be able to spot fake Nike SB Dunk Lows. So from now on, you never have to experience that sinking feeling that comes from being ripped off. 

Any counterfeit money expert will tell you that the best way to spot a fake is to study the real thing well. The references in this article will show you examples of what you should be looking for, in various models, on the website. Obviously, it is best to find photographs of the exact model you are looking at to compare. If you or a friend already own real Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers, then get out your magnifying glasses and have a good long look. This way, when confronted with a fake in real life or even from a picture online, you will get a suspicious feeling in yourself that causes you to take a second look before you buy. If you get the chance to look at the prospective purchase in the flesh first, here is what to do. 

Take one of the shoes in your hands and hold it up in good lighting, taking a close look. Take your time, regardless of any pushy salesperson that might be watching. Check the swoosh, the outer tongue tag badge, the perforation holes on the top of the toe, and the distinct details on back of the shoe. Let’s break it down. 

Carefully inspect the iconic Nike Swoosh

A genuine Nike swoosh is slender, clean, tidy, and has a perfect point. Look at photos, comparing the curve’s angle – If the swoosh on the shoe you are suspicious of has any lumpiness or imperfections in the stitching, then it is a replica. Also, take care to notice the placement. In a genuine shoe the swoosh is nicely placed in the middle of the shoe with even spacing all around. Fakes are more likely to be slightly higher or lower than genuine SB Dunks.

How To Spot Fake Nike SB Dunk Lows 

Measure spacing on the front tongue logo badge

The main thing here that will be wrong is the spacing, from the tag’s general size and placement, to where the logo sits inside it. If you do not have a way to measure then you can compare it to photos online. you will see differences in the fakes when compared to a photograph of the real thing. The ‘R’ symbols should also be thin and delicate and not blurry, lumpy or any bleeding in the stitching. Nike always makes sure everything on their products is neat, tidy, and on point. 

How To Spot Fake Nike SB Dunk Lows 

Check out the perforation holes on the top of the toe of the shoe

Ask yourself if the holes are misaligned in any way. Are they wonky or slanted? Real Nike shoes of any style will not be. Counterfeiters will copy the design of the perforation holes but not always take enough care to get them straight with the shoe. They also tend to make them smaller and shallower. Again- inspect the spacing, are the furthest most holes closer to the edge on the left than the right? They shouldn’t be. 

How To Spot Fake Nike SB Dunk Lows 

Details on the back

Turn the shoe around and look at the rear. Firstly, is there any stitch bleeding in the logo? There should be a perfectly clean space between each letter and no threads connecting them. The Nike lettering should be nice and evenly spaced in the middle of the area it sits, not too close to the top or bottom. Next, cast your eyes down to those horizontal lines of stitching below the Nike logo. Is the stitching impeccable, and are the lines evenly spaced? This should be visible to the naked eye without a ruler but if you were savvy enough to bring one with you, then use it at this point. 

How To Spot Fake Nike SB Dunk Lows 

Now you’ve inspected the outside of the shoe thoroughly, take a look inside. 

Take a close look at the inside size tag

At first glance, this can look legit, but there is always some kind of mistake here on replicas. This is where they get lazy because they can. Most people aren’t clued up enough to look inside. Here you will be looking for the thickness of the lettering and placement in the tag. Fakes tend to have their lettering looking blocky and cumbersome. Nike pays attention to these details, and their writing is always thin, neat, and easily legible. 

So now you know. The main things you’ll be looking out for are:

  • Any and all imperfections in the stitching 
  • Placement of all logos, including Nike swoosh
  • Even spacing in between lines of stitching and perforations 

Congratulations! You are now armed with the tools you need to spot fake SB Dunk Lows. Of course, if you are still unsure, you can always walk into a Nike store, and they will be happy to help you! 


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