How Jamie Foy made New Balance Relevant to Skaters

How Jamie Foy made New Balance Relevant to Skaters

Who Is Jamie Foy

Jamie Foy is a regular footed skateboarder who came onto the scene in 2016 and was named 2017 Skater of the Year by Thrasher Magazine. Jamie went pro for Deathwish Skateboards in 2016 and was even part of the Deathwish team for King of the Road. Jamie is known for hitting handrails that most others would not even think about trying. This includes a FS Crooked Grind down El Toro, first try.

Jamie Foy’s partnership with New Balance has had a definite impact on the face of skate shoes. His signature pro model shoe, the New Balance Numeric NUMERIC 306, takes a classic design and adds modern upgrades to ensure an attractive look, lasting protection, and extra functionality. With a sleek design and a design targeted to skaters’ specific needs, you will be ready to hit the pavement in no time.

What Jamie Foy’s Signature Shoe Offers

The Numeric Numeric 306’s features make it ideally suited for skaters. The upper features a strong rubber underlay, which adds durability, while the mesh panels allow your foot to breathe. The shoe is designed to fit securely and provide lasting protection. An elastic gusseted tongue offers a snug fit; internal toe protection gives you extra security to withstand your boldest tricks. Tapered crating in the shoe’s heel offers weight reduction, and the pliable lasting board offers even more support. A vulcanized rubber outsole provides superior grip and durability, perfect for gripping your skateboard; closed-cell polyurethane inserts give you plenty of impact protection and a more lasting fit.

Making New Balance Relevant to Skaters

Skaters are impressed with the Numeric 306’s vulcanized material and extra cushioning. While many skating shoes offer vulcanized surfaces to improve grip strength and situate the foot low to the ground, they tend to underperform in terms of cushion or durability. The Numeric 306 changes the narrative; with improved cushioning and a durable design, you get the strength you need along with the light, breathable material that improves your performance.


There are currently 3 colorways available at

Grey with Black

How Jamie Foy made New Balance Relevant to Skaters

Navy with White

How Jamie Foy made New Balance Relevant to Skaters

Bone with Black

How Jamie Foy made New Balance Relevant to Skaters

If you are interested in an optimal skating sneaker, the Numeric 306 from Jamie Foy’s line from New Balance is a perfect choice!


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