“Hares” Return with the iconic Air Jordan 6

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2020 has been a crazy year for the entire world, including the sneaker world. We have seen several release dates pushed back so far. The air Jordan 6 “Hare” is set to officially release on June 5th at 10am. Originally supposed to release on April 11th alongside the Jordan 6 Dmp, but that date was postponed.

Not to be confused with the Air Jordan 7 Hares, these are the Jordan 6 version. Starting with the box, we see a carrot on the top of the box, referencing Bugs Bunny. You may ask why carrots and bugs bunny? This sneaker pays homage to the close relationship Michael Jordan has with the iconic cartoon “Looney Tunes”.

image via @devious2327


Materials used in the shoe consist of high-quality leather throughout with white and light grey accents, which cover 70 percent of the shoe. The lace-lock can be seen in an almost carrot-like color. The iconic lace shields we are used to seeing in Jordan 6s can be seen dressed in a red velvet colorway. The tongue of the sneaker is not as vibrant as the previous hare colorways. A see-through dialed down tongue is used in this variation, which is one of the minor differences from the OG colorway. The rear heel can be seen paired with a Jordan Jumpman logo.

image source @dsdan1Keep your eyes out for this classic retro colorway to hit shelves on June 5th.

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