Guaranteed Adidas Win for 30 Days!

Guaranteed Adidas Win for 30 Days!

If you love sneakers, you know the feeling of entering draw after draw for sneakers that you would love to have and taking an L, or even worse, just trying to buy a pair on drop day only to see that they have already sold out.    Well, if you love Adidas, there is an opportunity of a lifetime starting tomorrow.

Adidas CONFIRMED app is holding a drawing where you could win a “Golden Ticket”.  Adidas CONFIRMED is where you will find the most sought-after Adidas releases.  This “Golden Ticket” will grant the winner AUTOMATIC WIN on any draw that they enter on the app for the next 30 days.

All you have to do to enter to win is download the Adidas CONFIRMED app and enter any sneaker drawing between March 13 at 4 PM EST and March 20 at 3:30 EST.  This will automatically enter you into the drawing for a Golden Ticket.  So be sure to download the app and enter some drawings in the next week.

Most of us will also take a big fat L on this golden ticket drawing but imagine having your choice of any Adidas releases for 30 days.  And as a bonus, stimulus checks are supposed to be sent out the same month.  But that is not what stimulus checks are for, so be responsible ????????.



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