Grateful Dead Bear Inspired Nike SB Dunk Low

Grateful Dead Bear Inspired Nike SB Dunk Low

Nike SB is at it again! This time around, they’re releasing yet another Dunk Low special edition that is sure to wow fans and followers of the shoe style all over the globe. Want to know the lowdown of this new brightly-colored pair that pays homage to the Grateful Dead Bears? We have all the details that will get you rushing to the nearest shoe store – keep on reading. 

For all rock fans out there, you’re sure to know The Grateful Dead Rock-Band. These rock legends have dominated the rock scene since 1965 – spreading their music first in Palo Alto, California, and eventually reeling in music lovers from all around the globe. Even to this day, their music continues to live on, and Nike SB recognizes this. 

As a tribute to this legendary band, Nike SB is releasing a special edition Grateful Dead Bear Inspired Nike SB sneakers.

The Aesthetics: Grateful Dead Bear Inspired Nike Sneakers

What style decisions were involved in the brainstorming of The Greatful Dead Nike SB Dunk Low? There have been reports that say that the design of the shoes was artistically lifted from the band’s album from 1973, The History of the Grateful Dead Volume 1. The image: various vibrantly colored dancing bears. 

The result of Nike SB’s interpretation of this is a pair of shoes that rest on a bright green suede base. If that’s not exciting enough, then perhaps the addition of its furry fleece might make it stand out more. There are the Swoosh logo and the outsole detailed in bright blue color as well. 

More on the Swoosh, this time, it is rimmed with jagged edges that serve as a nod to the Bears’ fur as well as their cravat. The toes of the shoe also have the same furry and jagged design. 

Of course, let’s not forget: you’ll find a stash pocket on the back of the tongue of the shoes. This is in line with the Dead Head philosophy that serves as the umbrella principle behind Nike’s 420 sets of shoe releases. You can use this to stash your “belongings” as they say. 

Two more editions might be on the horizon.

Of course, there is more than just one colorful bear. Because of this we have also found that there is a yellow and green colorway with images released. This means there could also be more editions of these sneakers in the near future. Likely equally fuzzy and just as vibrant. 

Nike is just one of the many brands that have drawn inspiration for their products from the rock band. This might be due to the fact that the aesthetics of the band seems to age really well and easily transition from one decade to the next.

Grateful Dead Bear Inspired Nike SB Dunk Low

Grateful Dead Bear Inspired Nike SB Dunk Low

Tune in for release updates

So, can’t wait to get your hands on a pair? You’d still have to wait a bit longer- the release date of these unique shoes is yet to be announced. However, there have been plenty of pictures that have begun to surface online. This just makes us want a pair even more.

Grateful Dead Bear Inspired Nike SB Dunk Low

Our final thoughts on The Grateful Dead’s Dancing Bears and Nike SB 

With the current global situation, few things are really exciting as everybody is stuck inside. This new collab, of course, is an exception. In a bright green colorway with fuzzy faux fur in its detailing – you can count us in! The Grateful Dead fans and admirers are ready to get their hands on these shoes, and so are we. In fact, we already have plans for the stash pocket with zipper on the tongue if you know what I mean.

Images via and @wavegod_thelegend

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