Four Unique Ways to Lace Your kicks

Four Unique Ways to Lace Your kicks

Up and under the rabbit hole we all learned from a young age, but it’s time to add these four unusual lacing options to up your shoe game and to add to your fashion arsenal! Spice up your sneakers style and set yourself apart starting today with some lace styles you might have never heard or seen before.

1. Lattice lacing

Lattice lacing is when the laces of your shoe form a steep angle and create deep lattices on the tongue of the shoe. It’s a decorative way to elevate your laces in a woven look. The instructions below are written specifically for shoelaces with six eyelet pairs.

Four Unique Ways to Lace Your kicks

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1. Start with the toe of the shoe facing towards you.
2. Put the laces evenly under both eyelets.
3. Take the string in the bottom eyelet closest to the toe of the shoe on the right and put it in the forth on the left.
4. Put that same string under the next eyelet above the forth, push it through, and over to the second on the right above the toe of the shoe.
5. Take that same string and go under the next eyelet above the second on the right. go across to the next one to the top-left eyelet.
6. Repeat the same steps for the other string now on the left side.


2. Double X Lacing

For a simple but cool way to change up your shoe lacing, try this easy lacing style.

Four Unique Ways to Lace Your kicks

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1. Start by threading laces in a horizontal line across the bottom eyelets.
2. Cross the string diagonally to the left and up two eyelets above the first on the left.
3. Then, cross over with the other one to make an X with 2 eyelets in between on each side.
4. Put the string under the eyelets on both sides beneath the tips of the ‘X’.
5. Make a second X repeating steps 2-4 with one eyelet in between the tip and feet of each side of the second X.
6. Tie your strings and wear your new laces!


3. Pentagram lacing

Why tie your shoes regularly when you could tie them in a star? It’s a look more aesthetically pleasing than for tight laces. The following directions are for a six eyelet shoe, with eyelet six at the top of the tongue and eyelet one at the bottom near the toe.

Four Unique Ways to Lace Your kicks

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1. Start with the toe of the shoe facing you. Begin with the toe of the shoe pointed towards you.
2. Begin by threading two ends of your shoelace horizontal through eyelet four on both sides so that the laces are inside. Center your shoelace so that you have the same length on both sides.
3. Take your left lace and thread it under and out through the second eyelet from the bottom.
4. Take that same lace and go over and diagonally up to the right through the occupied eyelet four.
5. Do the same for the other side.
6. Now you should have an ‘X’ with a horizontal bar across the top.
7. With that same lace in eyelet 4 on the left facing the inside, pull it up out through eyelet 5.
8. Then thread that lace across the tongue and down through eyelet 5 making another horizontal bar. Finish by threading it up through eyelet 6 and end on this side.
9. Now take your other lace that’s been sitting at the top of the shoe and thread it under the right eyelets and out eyelet 2, which should already be occupied. Bring it up and flip it over the top horizontal line between the 5th eyelets, forming the top of your five-pointed star.
10. Thread that lace under and down through eyelet 2, then bring it under the left side eyelets, and back out through eyelet 6.
11. Tie at the top and your star is complete!


4. Ladder lacing

This is a popular method for boots or for runners to help reduce pressure on top of shoes.

Four Unique Ways to Lace Your kicks

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1. Begin by putting your laces straight across the bottom eyelets. Start by running the laces underneath the bottom eyelet.
2. Next, insert your laces through the next eyelet above, going from outside to in. Your laces should now be on the inside of your shoes.
3. Cross the laces over the tongue horizontally and run your lace under the section of lace that is connecting two eyelets vertically on the opposite side. Do this for both ends of your laces. You should now have your laces on the outside of your boot.
4. Continue straight up and bring it up from underneath to thread your lace through the next eyelet above, similar to step 2.  Insert the lace from the outside in and do this on both sides of the shoe before running the lace horizontally across and under the lace arch between two eyelets on the opposite side. Be sure to follow the same order you started with i.e. if you laced left over right first, continue in that order.
5. Repeat this process until you have reached the top. Note that the only time your laces go through an eyelet is when you are moving to the eyelet above and from the outside in.


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