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Nike has been off the charts when it comes to releases in 2020 and it’s no shock that the demand for Nikes skateboarding models have soared in popularity for many reasons! Nike is not shy to release multi-colored sneakers and the “Veneer” model is an excellent concept of a successful multi-colored sneaker. There is a bit of backstory on this sneaker considering it is an addition to the already partially released “ugly duckling pack” that released in 2001!

Nike Sb Dunk low Vaneer side view

Nike Sb Dunk low Vaneer heel

Nike Sb Dunk low Vaneer upper

Dressed in a very high-quality suede throughout the sneaker and then paired with several colors such as hints of Vaneer, purple, brown, and mint green. Many collectors have given this shoe several nicknames such as the “Ninja turtle SB”.

The release date is set for November 10th for an amazing deal of 100$ which is standard for most Nike SB models.

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