Eco Friendly Food Dye Converse

Eco Friendly Food Dye Converse

Consumerism, capitalism, and high-end fast-fashion continue to put a toll on the environment. Now many fashion brands have revolutionized the scene by resorting to more sustainable and environment-friendly alternatives. Many fashion companies are going green with the goal of reducing their carbon footprint and producing sustainable apparel. The modern fashion culture now means taking accountability for social responsibilities.

Among the fashion brands that are going green is the sneaker and lifestyle footwear brand Converse. Launched last July 5, 2019, the Converse Renew program implemented recycled materials such as fabrics and rubbers in manufacturing their shoes. 

Converse Japan is taking a similar route of going green and saving the environment with innovation and resourcefulness. Adding a splash of color in their Chuck Taylor All Stars, Converse Japan aims to spice things up by using food waste as the primary material for their dye. 

Food Waste, a Global Dilemma

According to Food Textile, Japan has reported an annual 28 million tons of food thrown out and wasted. Roughly 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted around the world each year. A total of 30% of all the food produced is not consumed and thrown away instead.  

Food Scraps to Colors

Proceeding in a joint venture with Food Textile, Converse Japan is set to make their Chuck Taylors colorful and leave an impact in the world. 

Primary food waste material that would take part in the dye would be vegetable scraps from farms and the food industry. 

The project is set to produce two varying colors of Chuck Taylors. They will use the juniper herb and purple cabbage as the primary source of the dye. 

As for the insoles and outsoles of the shoes, Converse Japan will use recycled rubber and Ortholite Eco. 


Images from Converse Japan

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