Lil Wayne Skateboarding

Celebrities Skateboarding – Celebs Who Can Skateboard

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Skateboarding is cool, hip, and a sign of credibility in many circles, even those of celebrities. Sometimes they learn for roles, or sometimes they already know, but you might be surprised at these celebrities that can skateboard on their own. Strap on your skate shoes, here we go.

matthew mcconaughey skateboarding


Matthew Mcconaughey

Actor, producer, and Southern star Matthew Mcconaughey is all kinds of fun while playing on his skateboard around LA. For his movie Grind, he practiced multiple scenes on his skateboard wearing a Hawaiian shirt and blow-up doll as a partner. Is there anything he can’t do?

Lil Wayne Skateboarding

Lil Wayne

It is no secret that Lil Wayne skates.  In fact, his love for skateboarding inspired him to build a skate park in New Orleans and he is possibly the most skilled skateboarder on this list.

Justin Bieber Skateboarding


Justin Bieber

Add to the list of things Justin Bieber can do. While he is no Tony Hawk, he is often spotted by paparazzi kickflipping his way through his neighborhood or filming some tricks at the skate park. He has also been spotted skating it up with pro skateboarders Nyjah Huston and David Loy.

Dave chapelle Skateboarding

Dave Chapelle

Yeah, Dave Chapelle Shreds.  

Jaden Smith Skateboarding

Jaden Smith

Son of legendary Will Smith, Jaden is becoming a triple threat, actor, singer, and well, skateboarder. Despite learning skills for certain roles like Karate Kid, in his 2018 movie Skate Kitchen not many skills were needed to learn for the movie as Smith was already an avid skateboarder beforehand.

Pharrell Skateboarding


Pharell Williams

Iconic rapper and producer for major celebrities like melodies for Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z and Britney Spears, Pharell’s first sport and passion was skateboarding. He grew up learning life lessons from skateboarding and has the nickname ‘Skateboard P’. Today, he doesn’t skate as often but his brother is a pro-am skater and Williams co-sponsors a team with Reebok, the Ice Cream Skate Team.


Whether they are out for a glide with friends or ollie popping left and right, skateboarding is a fun sport and recreational activity all sorts of people, including our favorite big name stars we see on the screen, love partaking in. 

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