Alex Sablone Converse One Star

Alex Sablone Converse One Star

Alexis Sablone, the goofy-footed multidimensional professional skateboard athlete, landed a collaboration project with Converse.

Sablone and Converse had been collaborating since last year. With their collaboration, “Designed by Alexis,” they initially intended to stretch the project until the Tokyo Olympics 2020. This was because the anticipated Summer Olympics will also include skateboarding. However, due to the health pandemic, the Olympics 2020 was put on hold.

Being the artist that she is, Sablone took out her genius in designing her signature shoes, while borrowing iterations from three silhouettes, personally picked by Sablone herself. Her collaboration with Converse One Star led to the fruition of a Louie Lopez Pro silhouette with a stark yellow upper derived from Tyler, the Creator’s Golf le Fleur. Sablone’s signature kicks were also based on the design of the triple black Jack Purcell Mid and the classic all-white One Star.

Alexis Sablone: the Artist, Architect, Skater

Alexis Sablone’s love for skateboarding was first witnessed by the public when she joined her first skateboard competition when she was just only 12 years old. She also made an appearance in a video of American professional skateboarder PJ Ladd in 2002.

In 2017, Sablone became a member of the WKND Skateboards team as she received her first signature pro deck. Besides that, she has also participated in the Summer X Games, which earned her a bronze medal, two silver medals, and three gold medals.

Aside from that, Sablone is also an architect. She graduated from Barnard College in 2008, and in 2016, she earned her master’s degree in architecture from MIT. Her creative side also led her to design a skateable sculpture in a public square in Malmo, Sweden.

She continuously marries her two passions for art and skateboarding, evidenced by her graphic art in the video “Sir Palmer,” which was released in WKND 2018. She also held an art exhibit showing her works.

Alex Sablone Converse One Star

Images from Converse

Alex Sablone Converse One Star

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