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Adidas x marvel and the don join forces for issue #2

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   Adidas D.O.N. Issue #2: Impressions and Reviews

With the recent release of the second installment of Donovan Mitchell signature sneaker line, we were excited to see what updates the “Spida” had in store. The first thing we noticed about the Adidas D.O.N. Issue #2 was the look. Similar to the first edition Adidas released, you can expect an impressive selection of eye-catching colorways. Marvel knocks it out of the park, however, with the Spidey Sense. In a nod to Mitchell’s nickname, the Spidey Sense combines an eye-catching color scheme with multiple Spider-Man references; anywhere you look on the tongue, uppers, soles, and beyond will feature a nod to the webbed wonder. The additional range of colorways will appeal to anyone who uses sneakers for lifestyle fashion. In terms of aesthetics, the D.O.N. Issue #2 is definitely a cut above its predecessor in many ways.

We also looked at the materials that the Issue #2 was made from. Just like the Issue #1, the second issue of Mitchell’s signature pair is made of mesh uppers and a fuse material which add durability and support without adding any weight. The shoe is built with the Bounce technology along its soles for improved cushion and responsiveness. Adidas also added more foam in the heel portion and in the tongue, which increases support to the heel and ankle area. If you’re looking for a shoe that was built for cushion and support, you might find better luck in this line than with its predecessor.

                                                Additional photos can be seen below!



Don issue 2 marvel spidey sense shoes

adidas Don issue 2 marvel spidey sense insole

Don issue 2 marvel spidey sense shoes on feet

Don issue 2 marvel spidey sense full preview

Images by rufano,mike9kaiser, and deren13.


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