Adidas NMD 5 year anniversary

Adidas NMD turns 5 years old-2021

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The year 2021 officially marks five years since we saw the first Adidas NMD colorway hit the shelves. To celebrate the great success, the notorious sneaker brand has had thus far with the model; it is no shock that they have announced two additional colorways to start the new year.

Two different colorways have been revealed, both with inspiration from previous NMD releases. Adidas has confirmed we will see a Core black and a grey, with both pairs having a camo-like pattern throughout, which is where the inspiration from previous colorways comes into play. The core black colorway will feature a crisp gum bottom while the grey has a green color variant Adidas calls “Hyper pop.”

NMD_R1 Grey Two / Hyper Pop Adidas NMD_R1 Core Black / Gum

We can expect to see all the standard features we know and love in this release that we have seen in previous models. As seen below, we have the iconic boost midsole to provide maximum comfortability paired with a sock-like liner structure. It is no shocker that this sneaker, in terms of comfortability, is topping the charts. Both colorways can be seen below and are available now for purchase.

NMD_R1 Grey Two / Hyper Pop NMD_R1 Grey Two / Hyper Pop NMD_R1 Grey Two / Hyper Pop


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