Adidas Futurenatural construction

Adidas newest footwear innovation- FUTURENATURAL

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Adidas has been working to create a shoe that fits better for athletes. They wanted to create something that can mirror an athlete’s speed and agility, giving an upper hand against the competitors.

To do this, Adidas took foot scans from 1,000’s athletes to create a new last, or shoe form, that gives an anatomically correct representation of an athlete’s foot (not the itchy kind). The shoe is produced with a seamless design using 365-degree pressure and heat for a seamless feel. You will also find a four layer construction at the bottom of the shoe, including a boost insert for comfort and Lightstrike for stability.

This new technology will first be available with the Harden Vol. 5 on January 4th.

Adidas Futurenatural Harden Vol 5  Adidas Harden vol 5

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