Nike Adapt BB 2.0 Tie Dye Front

Adapt BB 2.0 Tie Dye

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Colors galore is the name of the game with one of Nike’s newest kicks: the Adapt BB 2.0 Tie Dye

These tie-dye basketball shoes boast a multi-colored, see-through midfoot overlay and a rubber outsole that exhibits an icy blue color that is sure to entice sneakerheads and enthusiasts everywhere. The kicks’ forefoot has a multi-colored spot that Nike calls the “Air Zoom Turbo,” providing a more cushioning bounce while wearing them. Moreover, its collar has been opened, and elastic mesh was embedded on the upper. Its detailing is also more refined, displaying a more prominent Swoosh and texture that shows a pixelated design when seen up close but normal when afar.

The soles grant users excellent traction. Its exterior exudes a comfortable feel, and this pair of shoes is light on the wearer’s feet. Basketball players will be sure to move and run around the court with these on! The box packaging includes a charging pad (encased in a secret compartment in the bottom of the box), wires, and cables to hook unto the pads and, of course, the Adapt BB 2.0 Tie Dye sneakers!

Nike Adapt BB 2.0 Tie Dye Charger Nike Adapt BB 2.0 Tie Dye Medial Nike Adapt BB 2.0 Tie Dye Lateral Nike Adapt BB 2.0 Tie Dye Top

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