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9 Gift Ideas for Sneakerheads that Wont Break The Bank

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With the days getting shorter and the temperatures dropping, we all know that the holidays are near. In this day and age, most of us have a sneakerhead in the family. And all they want for Christmas is probably a pair of SB Dunk Low Yellow Lobsters, or possibly some Dior Jordan 1’s. And you may think to yourself, “a pair of new shoes seems like a great gift to get someone you love” until you go online to buy a pair. Being a sneakerhead is expensive, and being related to one can be difficult during the holiday season. That is why we would like to share several great gift ideas for sneakerheads that won’t break the bank.


1.Sneaker Cleaner

Every sneakerhead needs sneaker cleaner to ensure their kicks look mint every time they wear them. This is why a sneaker cleaner is an excellent option for a sneaker head gift. However, many people have a preferred brand, so it would be a good idea to try and find out which sneaker cleaner they already use.



2.Crease Protector/Guards

One thing that can kill the value and appearance of a pair of nice sneakers is a wrinkly mess of creases. There are many different products out there that can protect your sneakers from creasing. Some say that they do reduce the comfort of the shoe, but they will definitely keep them looking fresh longer, and we all know which is more important out of the two.

Force Field crease protectors


3.Sneaker Containers/Drop Front Boxes

Many people like to keep their sneaker collection in containers to ensure the shoes, and sometimes even the boxes, are protected. This is also a nice way to stack your shoes so that they are visible. Try to take a peek and see if your friend or family member already uses containers so that you can get them the same kind. If they do not have containers already, you can ask how many pairs they have, and you can be the one to help them start their own display.

Container Store drop front shoe box


4.Hype Brand- Small Products

You can still get something from a hype brand or that represents a hype sneaker at a reasonable price if you go the route of smaller products. Brands often have products like Stickers, Keychains, Lanyards, Thermoses, and several small items that are more that are reasonably priced.

 Off white Arrow Keychain


5.Kicks Keychains

There are artists out there that create mini replicas of some of your favorite sneakers as keychains. This would be a great addition to your loved one’s gifts and won’t break the bank. Just simply ask them what they think the greatest sneaker of all time is and purchase that keychain.


6.Custom Sneakers

Not everybody is into custom sneakers, but if the sneakerhead in your life has shown interest, this is a way that you can get them a totally cool one-of-a-kind gift custom-tailored to their style. For example, You can show them some custom shoes and say, “Hey, these are cool, don’t you think?” if they show interest try to see what style they like and go from there. Custom sneakers can definitely get up there in price. However, you can find reasonably priced artists out there who are still making a name for themselves and you can support a small business as well.

Custom sneakers by zaewayy


7.Framed Poster/Art

There is a ton of really cool sneaker related art out there in so many different styles. If you know of a pair of sneakers that your sneakerhead loves, getting them a piece of art related to those sneakers will be a definite hit.


8.Sneaker Magazines

Sneaker magazines keep people up to date on upcoming sneaker releases and news and give in-depth articles with great images. Even though the digital age has arrived, people still love a good old fashioned magazine as long as it is related to something they are interested in.

Sneaker freaker sneaker mag


9.Gift Card

Even if you are unable to get them the shoes they want, that doesn’t mean you can’t chip in. Find out the sneakers that they are interested in and where they are sold, and then you can always simply purchase a gift card for that website or store. Once they get enough gift cards through time, that dream pair will become a reality.



We hope this article has helped give you some ideas and you are now certain you are able to get a gift that any sneakerhead will love. These gifts can work all year round whether it is a birthday or even the holiday season! These will always make a fellow sneakerhead happy in the long run and be sure to put a smile on their face.


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